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From Baclaran going to SM Marilao, Bulacan ..
Step #1Baclaran
LRT-Baclaran Station
From Baclaran area, go to LRT Baclaran Station.
Step #2LRT-Baclaran Station
Baclaran Church
Walk to Baclaran Church.
Step #3Baclaran Church
SM Megamall - Ortigas
Ride a city bus with Route 'Cubao / Crossing Ibabaw Take off at the SM Megamall Loading and Unlaoding Bay.
Step #4SM Megamall - Ortigas
SM North - Quezon City
At EDSA-SM Megamall, ride BUS going to Monumento/Malanday/Letre. Stop at SM West(aka SM North).
Step #5SM North - Quezon City
SM Marilao, Bulacan
Ride FX Taxi going to Marilao Bulacan.
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