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going to EDSA - Kamias Intersection [connected to 60 other location/s.]
Ride a Proj 2-3 east bound jeepney from Pantranco, get off near the EDSA-Kamias Avenue intersection (the intersection will be under an overpass and an MRT track).
going to Quezon Ave-Scout Reyes Jeepney Stop [connected to 1 other location/s.]
From Pantranco FX/jeepney stop, ride FX/jeep to a jeepney stop near Scout Reyes St (near 7-11)
going to Roosevelt Avenue, Frisco [connected to 5 other location/s.]
Ride a jeepney with route going to Frisco/Munoz/Proj 8. Tell the driver to let you off at Frisco (near Roosevelt-Del Monte intersection).

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