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> Roosevelt Avenue, Frisco :      [Add New Route]

going to LRT-Blumentritt [connected to 29 other location/s.]
From Roosevelt Avenue Frisco, ride a jeep with a route going to 'Blumentritt LRT' or 'Tayuman LRT'. Stop at Bluementritt.
going to Pantranco [connected to 3 other location/s.]
From Frisco FX/jeepney stop, ride jeep to Pantranco (stops in front of Jollibee Roces Ave cor. Quezon Ave)
going to Frisco Jeepney Terminal (Zamora St) [connected to 2 other location/s.]
From near Del Monte-Roosevelt intersection, locate the Del Monte bakery. From there, walk along Del Monte avenue (westward), then turn left on the first corner(a drugstore/Tolentino St.), then turn right at the next corner (Zamora St.). Follow the street, past the market and straight through another corner, to the jeepney terminal.
going to Manila City Hall [connected to 3 other location/s.]
From Frisco, ride a jeepney with a route going to Manila City Hall. Get off at the Manila City Hall stop.
going to LRT-Central Terminal [connected to 25 other location/s.]
From Roosevelt Station, ride the train going to Baclaran. Stop at Central Station.

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