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Why ParaSaTabi

ParaSaTabi is Para Sa Tabi. This is what you say to the driver of a public transport vehicle if you want to get off the vehicle if you are in the Philippines (Metro Manila).

The concept of Bus Stop is uncommon in the Philippines. So literally, you can ask the Jeepney or Bus driver to stop on any sidewalk. This is what happen to almost 80% all the places in Manila . This might also be the main cause of heavy traffic in the nation's most busy roads.

Why there is no Fare information ?

We did not put in the price of fare because the fare fluctuates too much for us to track. But technically speaking, we have provisions for information like travel time and fare.

Can I Send the Directions to an Email?

Yes! You can now send the directions/routes via email.
  1. In the home page, provide the start and destination and then click "Get Path".
  2. This will display a list of directions. On each direction, there is a "mail" icon, click on that.
  3. Provide the email address where you want to send the direction that you chose.

What Are the Modes of Transportation?

  • Walking
  • Normally for short distances. Walking is generally great between two adjacent malls or buildings. Usually the distance is lesser than 100 meters.
  • Tricycle
  • Is a motor cycle with a side car for carrying more passengers. Usually found at Bus/Jeepney terminals in a barangay. Tricycles bring passengers to places not reached by other vehicles.
  • Jeepney
  • Is a motor vehicle that can carry 15 to 20 passengers. The Jeepney is the most common vehicle in the Philippines. Jeepneys carry passengers usually within a city.
  • City Bus
  • Can carry 50 to 60 people. Buses carry passengers between major cities. Can be airconditioned or ordinary.
  • Provincial Bus
  • Can carry the same passengers like the City Bus but is less cramped. Usually have a compartment for large cargo. Transfers passengers between provinces.
  • Ferry
  • Can carry other small motor vehicles and passengers across islands.
  • Train
  • Trains provide a faster means of transportation between cities.
  • Airplane
  • Provides a faster means of transportation via air.

    Why cannot I log in?

    You need to set your browser to accept cookies. Our login system is using cookies as a way to hold your information while you are logged in. Another reason is, you might be giving us a wrong password or email address.

    ParaSaTabi Database Info

  • Data Points: 6462
  • Segments: 9684
  • Healthy Routes: 2000372

    Quantcast Information

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