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Querying ParaSaTabi.com

You only need to supply the SOURCE and DESTINATION points in the homepage. The dropdown list will suggest to you the values already in the database. Click "GET PATH" to submit your query. A list of hops will be displayed.

Adding More Information

Since this is a public service website. I encourage everyone to put in some more information. I will try to make this as user friendly as possible.

You can contribute to the data base by clicking on the CONTRIBUTE menu.

There are only 4 things that matter in ParaSaTabi world.
  1. From Point - this is the starting point.
  2. To Point - this is where you end up if ride #3 and follow #4.
  3. Vehicle Type - this is what you ride.
  4. Directions - this is what you follow in order to go from #1 to #2.

As you add more information. The network of segments known to the backend system will grow and will give us more meaningful information.

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